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Smart Energy

The future is smart: smart meters, smart buildings, smart cities. This isn't science fiction: digital technologies integrated into everyday life will give us and our descendants an environmentally sustainable and comfortable life. Automation is key: devices capable of self-diagnosing faults and send reports to the maintenance team; offices able to decide the best environment needed for your work; cities that manage the power demand to allow only clean energy use.  
Our research focuses on two aspects of this framework: building automation systems (aka Smart Buildings),  solar panels and smart metering.
  • Building Automation Systems aim to deliver useful building services that are cost-effective, reliable and ensure occupant comfort and productivity (thermal quality, air comfort). Our aim is to develop and design a library of models using the knowledge garnered from data collected within the Smart Buildings Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science. From these models, we are developing a tool which controls the building automation system's performance, pro-actively detects faults and performs predictive maintenance actions in order to increase the life-span of the system. 



  • Solar panels are spreading worldwide, millions are installed on the European roofs. When the energy is not self-consumed, it is injected into the electric grid. Even if the contribution of a single panel is negligible, a large population can and will make the difference. Our objective is to build a model for the aggregation of devices in a network that spans the whole Europe and to design a control solution to ensure a reliable power network, avoid black-outs and provide guarantees of efficiency.  


  • Smart meters

Themes:  Automated Verification, Stochastic Hybrid Systems

People:  Nathalie Cauchi, Andrea Peruffo, Joe Brown, Alessandro Abate

Software:  FAUST$^2$, Benchmarks for BAS



Oxford Control and Verification (OXCAV) Group

C/O Department of Computer Science

Wolfson Building, Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3QD

T: +44 (0) 18656 10767

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