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Model-based Formal Reliability Analysis of Grid Dynamics with Solar Energy Sources

TitleModel-based Formal Reliability Analysis of Grid Dynamics with Solar Energy Sources
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPeruffo A., Guiu E., Panciatici P., Abate A.
Conference NameProc. 15th Int. Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis

This work presents a model-based formal reliability analysis of the electricity grid dynamics in the presence of a large population of solar panels, under several scenarios of load demand and of renewables penetration. The electric network is represented as a feedback interconnection between the dynamics of the grid and those of a heterogeneous population of solar panels that injects power into the network. Introducing a formal abstraction technique, we obtain a Markov model that allows to quantitatively verify a reliability specification by means of probabilistic model checking. This specification ensures that the network frequency does not deviate from a reference level following a generation-loss incident. We further encode the population heterogeneity, the total load of the network, and the penetration of solar sources as parameters of the model, and present a procedure to automatically synthesise their values in order to guarantee the reliable operation of the network.


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