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Max-Plus Linear Systems

Max-PlusLinear (MPL) models are a class of discrete-event systems used to characterize the dynamics of the timing related to successive events that synchronize autonomously. Nonautonomous versions of MPL models embed within their dynamics nondeterminism, namely a signal choice that is usually regarded as an exogenous control or schedule.
Abstractions of MPL models are characterized as finite-state Labeled Transition Systems (LTS). LTS are obtained first by partitioning the state space (and, for the nonautonomous model, by covering the input space) of the MPL model and by associating states of the LTS to the introduced partitions, then by defining relations among the states of the LTS based on dynamical transitions between the corresponding partitions of the MPL state space, and finally by labeling the LTS edges according to the one-step timing properties of the events of the original MPL model.

Themes:  Max-plus Linear Systems

People: Muhammad Syifa'ul Mufid, Alessandro Abate

Software:  VeriSiMPL



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