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Adzkiya D, Zhang Y, Abate A.  2016.  VeriSiMPL 2: An open-source software for the verification of max-plus-linear systems. Discrete Event Dynamic Systems. 26:109–145.
Haesaert S, Soudjani SEsmaeil Za, Abate A.  2017.  Verification of General Markov Decision Processes by Approximate Similarity Relations and Policy Refinement. {SIAM} J. Control and Optimization. 55:2333–2367.
Haesaert S, Soudjani SEsmaeil Za, Abate A.  2016.  Verification of general Markov decision processes by approximate similarity relations and policy refinement. CoRR. abs/1605.09557
Zamani M, Tkachev I, Abate A.  2017.  Towards scalable synthesis of stochastic control systems. Discrete Event Dynamic Systems. 27:341–369.
Zamani M, Tkachev I, Abate A.  2016.  Towards Scalable Synthesis of Stochastic Control Systems. CoRR. abs/1602.01358
Haesaert S, Soudjani SEsmaeil Za, Abate A.  2017.  Temporal logic control of general Markov decision processes by approximate policy refinement. CoRR. abs/1712.07622
Zamani M, Abate A, Girard A.  2015.  Symbolic models for stochastic switched systems: {A} discretization and a discretization-free approach. Automatica. 55:183–196.
Abate A, Bessa I, Cattaruzza D, Cordeiro LC, David C, Kesseli P, Kroening D.  2016.  Sound and Automated Synthesis of Digital Stabilizing Controllers for Continuous Plants. CoRR. abs/1610.04761
Lesser K, Abate A.  2016.  Safety Verification of Output Feedback Controllers for Nonlinear Systems. CoRR. abs/1603.06627
Polymenakos K, Abate A, Roberts S.  2017.  Safe Policy Search with Gaussian Process Models. CoRR. abs/1712.05556
Bian G, Abate A.  2017.  On the Relationship between Bisimulation and Trace Equivalence in an Approximate Probabilistic Context (Extended Version). CoRR. abs/1701.04547
Tkachev I, Mereacre A, Katoen J-P, Abate A.  2017.  Quantitative model-checking of controlled discrete-time Markov processes. Inf. Comput.. 253:1–35.
Cauchi N, Macek K, Abate A.  2017.  Model-based predictive maintenance in building automation systems with user discomfort. Energy. 138:306-315.
Cauchi N, Hoque KAnuarul, Stoelinga M, Abate A.  2018.  Maintenance of Smart Buildings using Fault Trees. ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks: Systems for Smart and Efficient Built Environments.
Macek K, Endel P, Cauchi N, Abate A.  2017.  Long-Term Predictive Maintenance: A Study of Optimal Cleaning of Biomass Boilers. Energy and Buildings.
Soudjani SEsmaeil Za, Adzkiya D, Abate A.  2016.  Formal Verification of Stochastic Max-Plus-Linear Systems. {IEEE} Trans. Automat. Contr.. 61:2861–2876.
Abate A, Cardelli L, Kwiatkowska M, Laurenti L, Yordanov B.  2017.  Experimental Biological Protocols with Formal Semantics. CoRR. abs/1710.08016
Soudjani SEsmaeil Za, Abate A, Majumdar R.  2017.  Dynamic Bayesian networks for formal verification of structured stochastic processes. Acta Inf.. 54:217–242.
Haesaert S, Van den Hof PMJ, Abate A.  2017.  Data-driven and model-based verification via Bayesian identification and reachability analysis. Automatica. 79:115–126.
Chen F, Haesaert S, Abate A, Weiland S.  2017.  Control refinement for discrete-time descriptor systems: a behavioural approach via simulation relations. CoRR. abs/1704.01672
Adzkiya D, De Schutter B, Abate A.  2015.  Computational techniques for reachability analysis of Max-Plus-Linear systems. Automatica. 53:293–302.
Haesaert S, Cauchi N, Abate A.  2017.  Certified policy synthesis for general Markov decision processes: An application in building automation systems. Perform. Eval.. 117:75–103.
Abate A, Bessa I, Cattaruzza D, Cordeiro LC, David C, Kesseli P, Kroening D, Polgreen E.  2017.  Automated Formal Synthesis of Digital Controllers for State-Space Physical Plants. CoRR. abs/1705.00981
Polgreen E, Wijesuriya VB, Haesaert S, Abate A.  2017.  Automated Experiment Design for Data-Efficient Verification of Parametric Markov Decision Processes. CoRR. abs/1707.01322
Abate A, Blom H, Cauchi N, Haesaert S, Hartmanns A, Lesser K, Oishi M, Sivaramakrishnan V, Soudjani S, Vasile C-I et al..  2018.  ARCH-COMP18 Category Report: Stochastic Modelling. ARCH18. 5th International Workshop on Applied Verification of Continuous and Hybrid Systems. 54:71-103.



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